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About A*S*K

Atkinson, Simms and Kermode is well known for its record in successfully litigating complex bankruptcy issues while maintaining
a reputation of trust and knowledge. We offer relief to those experiencing financial difficulty.

From prosecuting a contested plan confirmation, to defending fraudulent transfer litigation, ASK has experience with
all facets of bankruptcy matters. Our attorneys are consistently asked by the most
diligent bankruptcy Trustees in the area to represent them in proceedings. 

Our bankruptcy attorneys have learned the ins-and-outs of the most complicated bankruptcy issues
by working for Federal Bankruptcy Judges, large creditor law firms, and even as former counsel for the
largest mortgage companies in the country. 

Atkinson, Simms & Kermode received the Pro Bono Law Firm of the Year award for Fayette County in 2006.

PERSONAL ATTENTION AND QUALITY Our attorneys are here to help you at every stage of the process.
We take pride in being available and accessible to our clients, to answer any questions that may arise.

AFFORDABILITY Because of our attorneys’ unique background and experience, our cases are handled by a few,
highly experienced lawyers. As a result, our fees are typically significantly less by comparison.

CONVENIENCE We offer offices in Lexington and Somerset, Kentucky that are conveniently located
with flexible hours.

Lexington | 1608 Harrodsburg Road • Lexington, Kentucky 40504 • 859.225.5275 • Get Directions

Somerset | 1112 S. Highway 27, Suite C • Somerset, Kentucky 42503 • 859.225.5275 • Get Directions
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